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Thread: BT4 pre live usb win 7 and advent 7555 gx need help

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    i have small problem starting live usb bt4 pre on advent 7555gx, when i try boot bt4 from live usb im getting message no "usable screen found" i dont know how to sort it out. laptop details monitor 17" quad core Q9000 ram 4 gig graphic ati hd 4850.


    im trying start live usb bt4 pre final. laptop spec. advent 7555gx; Q9000 ati hd 4850 and win 7 ddr2 4gig.
    i dont have any issues using vmware everything is working fine. but when i try boot from live usb im getting message "screens found but non of them are usable" is over here someone who could give me some advice please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by archangel.amael View Post
    Do not create multiple threads on the same topic!
    could u please tell me how what i should do to sort my problem? i cant start live usb with bt4 pre final. it is win7 issue? laptop spec? or issue with bt4?

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    running a bootable usb drive has nothing to do with Win7, it has to do with your hardware configuration.
    you will have to specify in your bios to boot from a usb device, and hope your hardware supports it.
    all the newer machines will support this kind of startup, it's only the older ones that may not have that capability.
    just go through your bios settings, and do a little reading, and you will figure it out.
    I am also assuming that you have setup your usb device correctly with the correct partitions et al, and it is bootable.

    I had a problem doing the same thing with BT4 prefinal also.... my thumb drive was really slow, I ended up doing the following:
    1. boot BT4 prefinal from cd
    2. installed BT4 to an external 120G HDD using the desktop shortcut
    3. used the 120G HDD to boot to BT4

    this option worked really well for me, and was very fast once it was installed.
    Good luck.

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