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Thanks for the tutorial. I try to my AP(for understand how its work, this way better). But. I get the data(cookie, and not the .authbasic(wireshark)). And now i want to find solution how to use thats all i have at this moment. Because no passwords(some times logins in cookie) i get. Or they in md5(?).

And i want to ask there is one tool for use with the captured and decrypted data wifizoo v1.3. Why you not use this tool? BTW i thy to use it but unsuccessful. He wont read the encrypted data(airdecap-ng).
The reason why it doesn't work for you, is that your router doesn't login using "baisc auth". You need to find a different method of doing it. (=

and your second part - are you saying why dont I use WiFiZoo? Well..not everyone is on WiFi! (yes I know this tut was on WiFi =P)
The main reason was because I was/am doing to do a another video on WiFizoo - just never/haven't got around to do it.
and I can't realy help you about WiFizoo...1.) I havent used it enough yet. 2.) You havent giving enough infomation

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Thanks for the tutorial ,very helpful
Thanks for the thanks!