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Thread: First wep crack succesful, but i have some questions......

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    Default First wep crack succesful, but i have some questions......

    i installed bt4 in vm ware.

    1. i was cracking a wep and i had over 30000 packages when i was about to try and get the key. but then vm ware crashed and i had to start from the beggining. i did notice that all the files were still saved to desktop. is there a way to use the files to pick up where i left of. instead of starting over.

    2. on ie, to cnnect to wifi you go.. start - connect to - (name of router). but i cannot seem to find anything to pick on bt4. there is something called wifi manager or something like that, but it doesnt work. when i click on it nothing happens. so how do i specify a router to connect to after i have the key.

    3. the way i now how to crack wep is buy watching all the u tube vids. but i dont know what the things im typing actually represent. is there a guide with all commnds and examples anywhere on the internet.

    4.are there guides somewhere to tell me what else bt4 can do. at the moment all the videos i seem to watch are the same thing. (cracking wep) and they all seem to use the same commands.

    Thanks for taking the time to try and help a me..... J

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    Okay , I dont know if you are a new user.
    So i ll start from the "begging"
    When you were "Cracking" you probably saved a file.(<aircrack --channel -bssid --write (here is the file name - it will add a -xx depending on the times u've used that name) iface )
    that would be xx-xx.cap
    this stores all the DATA u prolly mean when u say packets...
    try to open aircrack-ng and say

    aircrack-ng xx-xx.cap ,it will start cracking .
    Up you will see how much ivs u have.
    If u are cracking a low bit key then u wont need more than 10.000
    if u are cracking a high bit key you will most likely need about 50.000 #
    try it.if ur data isent enough i'm afraid u ll have to start from the begining...
    that is all i know , good luck!

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