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    Default a few questions

    fist of all, hail everyone!! i'm new in BT, moreover i'm french(sorry for langage mistakes, hope it'll be comprehensible). the questions i'm about to ask are maybe, surely, already fixed, but i didn't find the answers (i look on the forum, of course, on google, and on others forums). maybe i did not understand, in this case i'm sorry to bother you.

    i've got a dongler, ralink usb with rt73 driver. airmon detect it, no problem, but airodump find no interface. i tried to change the arguments, scan just one channel, scan with a bssid filter etc.... it's odd because it worked one time, and then nothing.

    as i understood, my nvidia graphic card seems not compatible with vesa kde, so when i try to run x serv i got the message "no screen found....", but when i boot, i'm able to boot directly under vesa kde....

    if anyone is french, ask me as i repost in french, might be easier.....
    pliz help! and thank you to anyone who answer.

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    Your post cans stay here but might also want to look in the French speaking section.
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