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Thread: Metasploit help!

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    Default Metasploit help!

    Hello all freind,
    I have learned about penetration from offencsive-security . But there is problem to test something taking many time. I am not sure is it take long time to test or i am something wrong .

    Please help me. is it my mistake or it usually take long time ?

    example of what do: when i check auxiliary/voip/sip_invite_spoof then the out put is :

    00:36:28[*] Launching auxiliary voip/sip_invite_spoof...
    00:36:28[*] Sending Fake SIP Invite to:

    oh yes i am trying it from msfgui. Please help me.

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    Does the system at belong to you?
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    Being this is our 'penetration tester' over night, I doubt it .

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