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Thread: Package Managment Issues

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    Default Package Managment Issues

    When I use apt-get for anything, it ask me to remove the following packages automatically...I am assuming that's a bad idea. What's the best way to get the package manager back on track with BackTrack. I am running a hard drive installation of BackTrack.

    The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:
      python-pymssql ssldump-menu soapui powerfuzzer fasttrack gnuplot bluez-hcidump pcapsipdump bluez-alsa pymacs
      openvas-libnasl jrtplib libfreebob0 rt2860-sta python-zopeinterface menu python-twisted-names blueprint snmpenum
      sipsak-menu yersinia-menu grabber finger-menu ruby1.8-dev clamav-menu scalpel-menu nbtscan python-twisted-core
      fierce macchanger-menu zzuf libalgorithm-diff-perl afflib-menu irpas-menu chkrootkit-menu netmask-menu lynx-menu
      php-mail-mime giskismet perl-www-checksite ratproxy sip-rogue cryptcat autoscan libdaemons-ruby1.8 python-pexpect
      libobject-multitype-perl miredo-server-menu bluez-gstreamer sendmail-bin libglade2-ruby1.8 libbluetooth-dev
      sipsak stunnel4-menu wifizoo libportaudio2 wireless-regdb-git liboop4 pkg-config miredo sctpscan bluetooth
      libiaxclient-dev libnetpacket-perl backtrack-python yersinia minicom-menu ncompress wine-gecko
      libnet-netmask-perl ark-kde3 complemento dsniff-menu libgpg-error-dev sendmail evans-debugger libabz0
      tcptraceroute sslscan-menu cisco-auditing-tool freetds-common dkftpbench openvas-menu python-clientform kgpg-kde3
      netdiscover sip-tester libthreads-shared-perl netmask crunch smb4k-kde3 libnet-rawip-perl hexedit
      python-twisted-web sqlmap gdb-menu host-menu clamav spectools libwxgtk2.6-0 udptunnel inguma perl-tie-chararray
      php-net-socket python-pydot obexftp-menu pblind php5 iaxflood python-pycurl rubygems nsat libber0 sendmail-base
      clamav-freshclam dbpwaudit samdump2-menu libjack0 webscarab miredo-menu libgcrypt11-dev python-twisted-runner
      bluez-cups backtrack-tunneling libxmlrpc-c3 backtrack-debuggers jmeter socat-menu backtrack-drivers python-mode
      dnstracer ddrescue ptunnel-menu packeth-menu rake smbfs ntop spectools-menu nstx php-mail libnl-dev
      libatk1-ruby1.8 ciscos dcfldd sslscan hping3-menu pyrit spikeproxy-menu windows-binaries libphp-adodb voiphopper
      backtrack-spoofing m4 backtrack-antiforensics libextractor-plugins libsqlite3-dev webshag librrd2 hping2 hping3
      tinysnmp-tools backtrack-menu valgrind-menu rdoc sshatter milw0rm iw medusa arping2 libglade2-ruby wfuzz
      python-pymills nedit-menu wipe-menu cisco-ocs redirectpoison vinetto-menu backtrack-database nedit dnswalk
      openvas-client clamav-base metacoretex ohrwurm dnsmap autopsy-menu beef libmysqlclient15-dev netcat-menu
      framework2 framework3 broadcom-sta seat backtrack-misc genip tinyproxy-menu libclamav5 bluez smb4k-menu
      backtrack-cisco libruby proxystrike libsox0 amap tcpick-menu brutessh socat pyrex-mode adm-dns-tools
      foremost-menu openacunetix rtpflood ollydbg python-utidylib libreadline-ruby 0trace packit adm-snmp rtpbreak
      obexftp libdbi-ruby1.8 dnstracer-menu dns2tcp battlife autopsy sing libdbd-pg-ruby1.8 procmail
      backtrack-enumeration dnsenum jbrofuzz mboxgrep bvi-menu python-bluez python-beautifulsoup bf2 netactview
      samdump2 libwhisker2-perl asp-audit ttf-liberation smap libxml-smart-perl python-pam air-imager python-openssl
      python-twisted-mail sleuthkit ussp-push libgemplugin-ruby1.8 bed valgrind ussp-push-menu sensible-mda
      libxmlrpc-c3-dev usbview stunnel4 finger bluez-utils libgemplugin-ruby libsqlite3-ruby copy-router-config
      php-pear python-numpy braa tinysnmp-tools-menu snmp backtrack-perl dsniff libjack0.100.0-dev onesixtyone p0f
      python-m2crypto bvi addregistrations snort usbview-menu sqlninja backtrack-discovery gdb protos-sip minimysqlator
      gnuplot-x11 python-soappy backtrack-bruteforce sendmail-cf bluesmash cryptcat-menu libdbd-pg-ruby
      python-4suite-doc libpcap0.8-dev smbrelay3 tinyproxy crda smbclient-menu libwxbase2.6-0 bluez-bt wavemon airsnarf
      sipscan php-net-smtp python-ctypes xprobe2-menu driftnet-menu lbd scapy-menu python-xml grendelscan ida-pro-free
      libdaemons-ruby python-twisted-lore secure-delete sqlbrute gnuplot-nox python-twisted-conch leo libnet-pcap-perl
      nbtscan-menu libnet-ip-perl truecrypt dhcp3-server foremost framework3-libs python-pyopenssl nemesis-menu
      python-twisted-news python-twisted-words curl-menu wapiti burpsuite libdebug0 backtrack-default-website cupp
      sslstrip ssldump sip-tester-menu galleta ettercap-gtk python-twisted libnet-dns-perl sqlix rtpinject
      python-wxaddons udptunnel-menu metagoofil libglib2-ruby1.8 libbluetooth2 python-gnuplot list-urls
      libgdchart-gd2-noxpm spike-fuzzer openvas-plugins libxml2-dev bluez-menu python-pysqlite2 btscanner mongrel
      rdoc1.8 swfintruder libct4 fping wine driftnet netdiscover-menu freetds-dev libcairo-ruby1.8 minicom
      libdate-manip-perl backtrack-passwords libextractor1c2a extract magicrescue scapy ike-scan-menu
      backtrack-bluetooth netsed-menu ike-scan wmat libsqlite-ruby1.8 macchanger tcpick chntpw-menu inviteflood
      libsox-fmt-base sox netsed bkhive-menu afflib backtrack-sniffers xprobe impacket-examples libgdk-pixbuf2-ruby1.8
      mssqlscan libasound2-dev imp-range libsybdb5 rubygem-mongrel python-pyparsing libsqlite3-ruby1.8 ruby-dev rcrack
      irpas python-setuptools wireshark-menu dffscanner perl-cisco-copy-config vinetto hydra sipvicious gooscan
      tftp-bruteforcer lodowep python-scapy wyd wireshark zip libsox-fmt-alsa dirbuster backtrack-ruby ddrescue-menu
      python-fpconst zoo python-4suite-xml liblua5.1-0 tcptraceroute-menu packet-o-matic dcfldd-menu portaudio19-dev
      hping2-menu libjudydebian1 5nmp redfang rubygems1.8 etherape python-pkg-resources nemesis bkhive libgtk2-ruby1.8
      perl-tk php5-imagick wsfuzzer libsqlite-ruby openvas-server libthreads-perl zzuf-menu bunny pychecker php5-mysql
      asleap propecia tcpreplay-menu libprelude2 libgtk2-ruby xspy btscanner-menu cowpatty enumiax spikeproxy
      backtrack-web xsss netifera paros libdigest-hmac-perl winbind peach backtrack-network teardown warvox libadns1
      backtrack-penetration chntpw scalpel kview-kde3 tcpreplay httprint magicrescue-menu nstx-menu bluez-hcidump-menu
      libnet1-dev super dns2tcp-menu blindsql 3proxy lame libruli4 miredo-server libopenssl-ruby1.8 libgsm1-dev
      openvas-libraries sing-menu php5-adodb voiper ptunnel liblist-moreutils-perl sipcrack libopenssl-ruby proxychains
      fping-menu saltymd5 libmotif3 packit-menu libjack-dev cisco-global-exploiter backtrack-fuzzers etherape-menu
      libnet1 python-twisted-bin backtrack-voip chkrootkit backtrack-forensics john hamster csrftester galleta-menu
      libpango1-ruby1.8 mboxgrep-menu p0f-menu proxytunnel ntop-menu wapiti-menu wireshark-common libmpeg2-4
      onesixtyone-menu bluebugger libspeexdsp1 libpgsql-ruby1.8 packeth erase-registrations libdigest-sha1-perl
      libnids1.21 w3af ettercap-common php-mail-mimedecode libiaxclient1 sipbomber libpcap-dev ettercap-gtk-menu
    Use 'apt-get autoremove' to remove them.
    0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 19 not upgraded.

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    Try and use formatting to your advantage in future posts OP, the way you posted it initially was a little hard to read. Ive also moved this thread to a more appropriate home.
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    @ OP Can you post the exact command that you gave here so that we can help you better. In the meantime search around debian and ubuntu forums for apt-get tutorials.
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    I get this when I use apt-get from the console to install any package, I'll post the full details (minus the above) next time I install a new package. However I am pretty sure it's due to the fact that I must have upgraded an application via one of the other package managers, and somehow fubar'd the cache.

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