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Thread: Macbook - BT4 Beta

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    Default Macbook - BT4 Beta

    I just installed backtrack 4 beta on my macbook (NOT pro). The problem is that the entire setup is totally lacking in ANY drivers. I understood that my network card probably wouldn't work, but I was surprised when I plugged in ethernet directly and I was still unable to elicit a response from the OS/at all browse in firefox. Also, it doesn't detect any USB devices or cdrom disks that I insert. I realize these are extremely elementary issues that have probably been asked about and answered, but I have google'd and searched these forums without finding any answers/way to fix this/location to get drivers. I'm not sure how I could even get a driver onto the machine, with it not being able to detect ANY external media as far as I can tell. I checked /dev in between inserting/removing usb devices and cdroms and couldn't find any new entries listed... Maybe that's not how you check, I don't regularly use a CLI, but I know really basic stuff... Any/all help appreciated with these issues,


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    Don't double post OP, wait until your post is approved by a moderator.
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    Honestly, it's easier to run backtrack from a vm on a Mac. Some Macs work better than others, they're just different enough from each other that driver support gets broken.

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