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Thread: Someone teach me to be a penetration tester overnight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gitsnik View Post
    I give it 1 month before you give up on the idea
    I give it two weeks. Anyone else want to join the pool?

    Seriously, teaching people who won't go to any effort to learn is thankless and frustrating work, and threads like this one really make me want to tear my hair out.

    More than any other field that I know of in IT, pen testing requires the ability to be able to learn and research on your own. I don't know anyone who is any good at it who doesn't already have this mind set. I'd be curious if anyone else here on the forums agrees with this.

    I don't think its even worth trying to help people who don't at least show some inclination for independent thought, because the effort will most likely be wasted. Either that or you will have to hand hold them throughout their entire "career". Its much better to direct the effort to help those who can actually be helped.
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    Thanks lupin, the idea that I needed, and I will follow it strictly, I understand that there is no use for this, since people wont be able to find stuff by their own, or atleast do it by their own.
    I wont give it 3 weeks, and I join your pool :P

    Any other takers ?
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