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Thread: Alfa AWUS050NH rt2870 injection/monitor driver for BT4 pre final

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    Exclamation Alfa AWUS050NH rt2870 injection/monitor driver for BT4 pre final

    Hi, this is my first post on this forum and I hope it will turn out to be a clean one

    First of all I would like to alert the mods that I have searched the forum, read everything and even tried everything before posting here.

    I have purchased an Alfa AWUS050NH which was recommended by a friend as a good injection / monitor usb card for BT4. What I noticed from previous threads, a hackish solution with custom drivers works for BT4beta.

    I tried to apply it to BT4pre final (with apocolipse and official drivers) with no luck. It seems the new kernel present in the prefinal wont allow the cooked drivers.

    I have also seen mixed posts about how you can use rt2800usb and rt2870sta for this card.

    Can someone clarify where we stand with this card?
    Has someone setup a Prefinal configuration to work with this card?
    Who is up for some heavy testing and ultimately making a .deb package to solve everyone's issues once and for all.

    d --

    (This thread will be edited upon each solution to reflect the latest updates to its progress in order to avoid reading 10 pages of posts for no reason)

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    I do not own this device but its the same chipset that every other ralink 802.11n capable device owners are suffering.

    To clarify where we stand with this chipset (no, in case of the cards its irrelevant) It is up to the driver developers themselves to write up a better driver. Backtrack is not in any specific way affiliated with each and every driver there is out there available on linux. Ralink has released their own sta drivers as you have mentioned which many claimed mixed success stories. Work is under way for a community built driver by serialmonkey (the same bunch that made older ralink drivers work better than Ralink's sta driver)

    Your best bet is to experiment until there is proper support because I'm sure you purchased the device with full intention you wanted 802.11n capability which was at that time 802.11n-draft and 802.11n devices are fairly new. This is not a place where you can expect things to work automagically so be patient or otherwise contribute nicely to the serialmonkey's devs and experiment a little.

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    try compat driver. apocalipse mod -problem with spoonwep, etc. with compat driver i don't have any problems. maybe only this one: i can't change tx power.

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