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    Question NextNet Wireless Modem

    I have a few questions concerning about the NextNet Wireless modem, after I canceled my account they've been wanting very much their modem back, there might be something sneakiy about it, so I decided to test it out, I have little/poor/none information I can bring, so I ask here proffesionals if there is something to do with it.

    The modem doesnt have a DHCP Server, it provides me with a direct IP eg : 32.566.999.33 (EXAMPLE, I know 255 is the top, or 251)

    I think the netmask is if im not mistaken, and iv'e already made a Pararrel JTAG Cable with it, I need tools to see if I can get anything.

    Now on SpeedTouch Server/1.0 I managed to do a Cisco Global Exploit (exploit #3 to be specific), now its suscesful, now what after that ?

    On a Motorola Surfboard sb5101 I got the same output, I also used FastTrack AutoPwn feature, after certain exploits (like 30) the modem reboots, and the DHCP server crashes, or sometimes it simply freezes, I have to manually turn off and on the modem to get it back working, so im unable to complete the AutoPwn.

    I also used HttPrint, I got the prints for both the SpeedTouch & the SB5101, but now after that, what to do ?

    A little help for thiz noobz could really do something for his hobby.

    These modems are mine, I do not intent to break rules, these are for testing and knoledgement and I assume no user from this Comunity will assume responsability, I understand these too . . .

    Thanks in advance . . . .
    Alienware M17x - Intel Core 2 Quad Extreme QX9300
    Dual Nvidia GeForce GTX 280M GPUs
    8GB DDR3-1333 RAM
    Dual 500GB

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    As of August 29, 2006, NextNet Wireless, Inc. was acquired by Motorola, Inc. NextNet Wireless, Inc. provides non-line-of-sight fixed/nomadic, and mobile plug and play broadband wireless access systems to carriers in the United States, Mexico, Canada, and Brazil. The company offers Expedience NLOS system, an IP-based wireless network platform that supports delivery of various broadband applications, such as IP telephony and video streaming, mobility, VoIP, and gaming applications. Its products include NLOS customer premise equipment that integrates the modem, transceiver and antenna into a single compact unit to provide indoor, outdoor, and mobile CPEs. The company also provides Expedience mobile subscriber unit, a broadband wireless access modem for trunk mount mobile market applications, such as public safety and transportation; indoor NLOS Plug-and-Play CPE, which connects to IP-based device via an Ethernet connection; and outdoor NLOS CPE for rural residential or small office customers. It also operates in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East. NextNet Wireless, Inc. distributes its products through retail stores. The company was founded in 1998 and is based in Burnsville, Minnesota. NextNet Wireless, Inc. is a former subsidiary of Clearwire Corporation

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