Hello! I decided to try BT, and from using the live CD, it seems pretty awesome. After installing in safe graphics mode (any other mode gives me a black screen and a "Not Recommended Mode" on my SyncMaster) I booted to a non-graphical login prompt that was like good ol' Slackware. From there, I logged in as me, and tried starting X. Well, lo-and-behold, no X for me, I have the same problem as I did without the safe graphics mode. I checked my Xorg.conf, and, well, it's without decent information. I configured one with Xorg, (X still wouldn't work) so I modified it to specify my resolution (which didn't work either) and from there, got kind of desperate and installed fglrx (which should work with the kernel and Xorg version, methinks) and ran my aticonfig --initial to no avail. I still get a screenful of nothing when I start X and I'm not sure what to do. It worked fine in safe graphics mode. When I installed Ubuntu 8.10, I had to use safe mode, but then it worked on the first boot, and the streched, fuzzy resolution issues fixed themselves with the introduction of the fglrx driver. Why is this not working? I usually don't manually configure X or anything, so I'd appreciate help from anyone.