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Thread: updating adapter drivers for aircrack - rt73

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    Default updating adapter drivers for aircrack - rt73

    I'm having trouble understanding a few things about backtrack 4 and the aircrack drivers/patch required for injection using google.

    First off I'm using kernel

    Does this need to be upgraded before installing drivers?

    using modinfo my driver description is as follows:

    Ralink RT73 USB Wireless LAN driver.
    version: 2.2.3
    author: (serial monkey URL)

    there is a patch page on the aircrack website for patching the drivers....

    the link is to an index of files, there are two files that are related to rt73....


    do I need to have the same version of the kernel as the patch to apply correctly?

    and should i upgrade kernel source/headers of backtrack 4 before patching?

    anyways, there's a lot of information out there and some of it seems to be very old, so it can be confusing sorting out the information.

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    There's no need to patch the drivers as they come pre-patched with backtrack. You can try it out by simply doing aireplay-ng injection test. There is a newer kernel in the repository.

    As for those two files they are for the much older driver, the kernel you are using would be relying on a newer wifi stack and therefore the current driver known as rt73usb.

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    Try this:

    Ralink RT73 USB Wifi Driver (patched for injection & frag) + DKMS in Jaunty (9.04)

    The version of the driver installed in this tutorial is 3.0.3.

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