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Thread: turn your BT to a network monitoring

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    Lightbulb turn your BT to a network monitoring


    i guess lot of us needs a network monitoring/logging server for our network

    to monitor as much as we can

    for example
    1-sites has been visited...can be done with squid+sarg or urlsnarf

    2-pictures has been seen...can be done with driftnet

    3-msn/japper/irc/icq/aim/yahoo...can be done with imspector or msgsnarf but i like imspector much better

    4-capturing ftp/http/https/telnet passwords...can be done with ettercap + sslstrip

    waiting for more things to your suggestions or ideas

    what i am looking for is building a complete solution for doing all that and maybe more...

    by script maybe and having a web interface for all the logs would be very nice

    i would like to keep this post updated so anyone wants to add more just say it and i will update the original post

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    I'm very interested to see if this went anywhere, is there another post that people are contributing to? I can't imagine this being asked and no one participating in discussion.

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    thanks for the share buddy

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