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Thread: Best USB Wireless Card?

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    Question Best USB Wireless Card?

    I've read a bunch of threads on hardware that doesn't work and ones that do work and nothing I have found that would work for me. I am trying to build a satellite wireless dish antenna like wiffy extreme built. Using a USB wireless card in a tin can pointed at the satellite dish. I want to be able to do pen testing against wep networks. I bought a Netgear wpm111 usb wireless card and from what I am reading it doesn't work in linux. I've tried it in a few version and it won't work. Can anyone point me in a direction on what would be the best usb wireless card to use that I can just plug and play and go with it?

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    Moved to appropriate forum, the BT4 Working Hardware forum is for posting information about devices that work in BT4, not for asking advice on what hardware to get.

    And you seriously need to search before posting. There are dozens of threads asking about the best USB Wireless card to buy, the last one was posted only a few days ago.
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