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Thread: pyrit .2.4 - 0.2.5 not working with cuda?

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    Question pyrit .2.4 - 0.2.5 not working with cuda?

    Hi there, I have got cuda installed and I upgraded to pyrit 0.2.5 svn ------

    I'm wondering if anyone has played with this specifically with a passthrough to cowpatty?

    I am working with a 1GB file I then genpmk etc

    My original pyrit was getting buffer overflows and guess what I still get buffer overflows...I didn't get B/O's on small files...

    I'm wondering if anyone has the syntax to do a passthrough, because the commands have changed and there is very little at the pyrit wiki about the usage......

    any help as per usual is appreciated, but for now I will play with aircrack......hmmm so slow

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    Look for the cuda guide by pureh@te.
    Both here and at the Off-Sec blog.
    It should help by providing more info.
    To be successful here you should read all of the following.
    If you are new to Back|Track
    Back|Track Wiki
    Failure to do so will probably get your threads deleted or worse.

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    Lightbulb already spoke to pureh@te

    Yeah, the guide although very good is useless. Pureh@te said in another thread that the Driver or something is broken and if I wanted the package I'd have to compile them myself........

    So yeah I got it installed and an updated version of pyrit.

    the syntax has changed and i'm wondering if anyone knows how to do a passthrough with the version, since there is almost no far.

    I figured all of you smart cookies might be able to put something together, a little more updated. I would, beleive me i've tried, but can't really get it to play friendly

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    In case you didnt know software is ever changing. That guide is old and you sound like a ungrateful little snot. I wont bother writing a new one since the stuff I write is "useless"

    pyrit -e "essid" -i /path/to/wordlist -r /path/to/cap/file attack_passthrough

    You seriously couldn't figure that out?
    kracker@ph33rbot ~ $ pyrit
    Pyrit 0.2.5-dev (svn r190) (C) 2008, 2009 Lukas Lueg
    This code is distributed under the GNU General Public License v3

    Connecting to storage... connected

    Usage: pyrit [options] command

    Recognized options:
    -e : Filters AccessPoint by ESSID
    -b : Filters AccessPoint by BSSID
    -i : Filename for input ('-' is stdin)
    -o : Filename for output ('-' is stdout)
    -r : Packet capture source in pcap-format
    -u : URL of the storage-system to use

    Recognized commands:
    analyze : Analyze a packet-capture file
    attack_batch : Attack a handshake with PMKs/passwords from the db
    attack_cowpatty : Attack a handshake with PMKs from a cowpatty-file
    attack_db : Attack a handshake with PMKs from the db
    attack_passthrough : Attack a handshake with passwords from a file
    batch : Batchprocess the database
    benchmark : Determine performance of available cores
    create_essid : Create a new ESSID
    delete_essid : Delete a ESSID from the database
    eval : Count the available passwords and matching results
    export_cowpatty : Export results to a new cowpatty file
    export_hashdb : Export results to an airolib database
    export_passwords : Export passwords to a file
    help : Print this help
    import_passwords : Import passwords from a file
    list_cores : List available cores
    list_essids : List all ESSIDs but don't count matching results
    passthrough : Compute PMKs on the fly and write to stdout
    selftest : Test all cores to ensure they compute correct results
    strip : Strip packet-capture files to the relevant packets
    stripLive : Capture relevant packets from a live capture-source
    verify : Verify 10% of the results by recomputation

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    pureh@te and to many more your post and tutorial are understandable even in My nature language is Espaņol

    I use this command to check a ESSID
    pyrit -e Belkin_N_Wireless_68AC38 -r '/home/root/My Report/Belkin_N_Wireless_68AC38-00:1C: DF:68:AC:38.cap' attack_batch
    will this attack continue to do the batch while do an attack or not?
    pyrit -e Belkin_N_Wireless_68AC38 -f /media/Back-Up/wordlists/default-001.txt passthrough | cowpatty -d - -s Belkin_N_Wireless_68AC38 -r Belkin_N_Wireless_68AC38-00:1C: DF:68:AC:38.cap

    when it says Passwords available; will be in my case 3 times that quantity? 861329682 after complete batch?
    root@BT4:~# pyrit eval
    Pyrit 0.2.4 (C) 2008, 2009 Lukas Lueg pyrit - Project Hosting on Google Code
    This code is distributed under the GNU General Public License v3

    Passwords available: 287109894

    ESSID 'Belkin_N_Wireless_68AC38': 21081760 (7.34%)
    ESSID 'laslocas': 0 (0.00%)
    ESSID 'regmay': 0 (0.00%)
    I asume that letters like Espaņol in my word list can be batch-ed right?

    another question; what if i import_password lets say /root/ and after successful import I move the password list to another location will it still do the batch?

    sorry for my ignorance but the worst question are the one we don't make

    thanks all ready

    Im using a poor 260PMKs Acer Aspire One 8.9" if I upgrade to Pyrit 0.2.5 can we connect to or more pc together?

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    Red face really sorry for how that sounded

    In case you didnt know software is ever changing. That guide is old and you sound like a ungrateful little snot. I wont bother writing a new one since the stuff I write is "useless"

    pyrit -e "essid" -i /path/to/wordlist -r /path/to/cap/file attack_passthrough

    You seriously couldn't figure that out?
    Really really sorry for the way that sounded Pureh@te, really. you are right about software ever-changing, really sorry,especially considering how time and effort you put into these forums and everything else you do concerning helping/compiling/maintaining BT and it's forums.....

    I didn't mean it like that, I just didn't have enough info I guess either way accept my sincere apology, coz you are a legend.

    and thanks for the syntax - and yeah I couldn't work that out........very steep learning curve for me........ but the more i read the more i learn, and since you guys keep producing quality, well i'll learn good

    cheers again to all

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    I am by no means an expert but my understanding is yes networking will be available.

    Now one thing I would like to try is this
    I have 2 pc's
    1 has an i7 975 cpu power
    2 has 7 gt300 cards (evga has one)
    now both computer have dual gigabyte ethernet conections.

    Now computer 1 will use crunch to generate a wordlist.
    this will send it to computer 2 which pyrit has access to the gt300 cards and does its thing. Now I don't know if the 2nd pc can also crack it or not.

    I am trying to think of ways that a person can generate a wordlisst without storing it while cracking using all the gpu's.

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