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What you are saying might be right as per companies policies but believe me on this one, I have seen few technicians even in Microsoft whose main priority is to FIX the issue and not to give a workaround or look for reasons that can help them avoiding the actual issue. Thats what I call the actual “Support Instinct”. If you don’t know the answer, you can either admit it or try not to comment on the question. It can avoid many conflicts.
Anyways, don’t compare Microsoft with linux. Linux is free, I don’t understand the concept of “Stolen OS”. “FRHACK OS is an updated/modified version of the latest BackTrack 4 ISO with many updated tools and fixes.” This is what they write on their site. Which to me very clearly seems that they do appreciate the OS and they are working on it and not against it.
Vik Thanks Gitsnik!! Much appreciated..
i think i have a lot learn in BT before i can understand all this!
First of all do not double post it is against the rules you agreed to when you signed up.
Second of all let me make this as plain as possible we do not support derivative works no matter where they come from or why they exist, or the intentions thereof.
If we support one group then we would have to support them all.
Furthermore like I thought, and was stated above, they ripped off the hard and free work of several people who dedicate their time/energy/efforts to create and maintain the best pen-testing security distro there is.
So if you want help with Fhrack sp. then go to them and ask for help.
If you want help from us then get the official sources and go from there.
In addition we don't care how MS or others do their business that it why it is their business and not ours. As for the "support instinct", again it's free, if you don't like it feel free to donate time, equipment or money to the team or go elsewhere.
I am sure that Ford motor company is not going have the same "support instinct" when it comes to a General Motors product, so why should it be any different here.
The end.