Hi everyone.. I am new to backtrack and have few limited knowledge for linux. I have downloaded FRHack (based on backtrack) and have read few forums about how to install it on hdd. Installation goes on fine with “Ubiquity” command and I can boot the computer till the login prompt after restart. I can’t login with any account. No matter what id or password I type, it comes up with same error: login incorrect. I have tried setting up complex password, putting a check mark to the option for automatic login.. still no luck. It prompts for the password and it doesn’t accepts anything.

Additional information if required:
My computer has windows 7 on the 1st partition and I have created a new 10gb ext3 primary and 1GB swap partition for linux.
I have tried using the manual portioning and guided partitioning during installation.
Root/ toor doest work.
Lilo is installed on windows partition.
I can access the linux partition from windows, so, if some file need to be changed, it can be done easily.

Thanks in advance!!!