Hi all, I've been using and learning bt 4pre final for a month or so now and am loving it, it's great.

My question is about aircrack's consistancy even if the key is in the dictionary your using.

I've been going through the tutorials on aircrack's site and had fun and success with wep, so now moved onto wpa-psk. I've been setting my key's to be really easy so it dont take a month of sundays to crack. Keys so far have been ABAAAAAZ, 11111122, 11111111 and one more really easy one that I cant recall now. So far out of the four keys used I have only managed to crack 11111111. It has nothing to do with the dictionary I'm using which I'll explain in a bit.

I'm using crunch to make my list's with a simple command like crunch 8 8 12 -o number.txt

So I have followed their tutorial to the letter, and have been getting the 4 way handshake (after deauthing my other laptop) everytime. Because I know the keys, I have made nice small dictionary files to suite each key I have tried, I have also gone through each dictionary file to double check the key is in fact in the file and it always is.

Like I said the only key it actually cracked was 11111111 and the dictionary file I used to do it with only had this key in it, so would have been strange had that not worked.

As for 11111122, in the dicionary file I created it is the fouth key in the list with what can only be 300-400 keys in total in the list. So I'm stumped as to why its not getting it.

Anyone had this problem? Am I missing something simple out? Hope I've given enough detail for an answer, any advice would be great thanks.