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Thread: Quickie: Audio problem fix automation.

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    Lightbulb Quickie: Audio problem fix automation.

    3 or 4 people in the IRC over the past 2 days had no sound after installing (although they DID have it during live booting), the problem was resolved by adding a group "audio" and then adding the user to it... I think this could be automated with a script or something so that the audio works straight out of the box.

    I'm unable to provide a script that would do this straight after installation, as i've not learnt much about linux's terminal yet, this is simply a suggestion.

    DISCLAIMER: I have searched the forums and there are no topics about this to my knowledge

    If i'm in the wrong forum feel free to move me, this is my first post so i'm a big noob around here

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    You might be new here but that does not prevent you from complying the rules you did agree to when you signed up. There are numerous reasons why some one would not want certain things enabled or setup by default. It is not that hard to add a user to a group.
    #man useradd
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