Hi, after reading a lot of topics and experimenting with BT if hope somebody can help me with the following.

First I downloaded BT3, and the iso file I burned with Nero.
After rebooting the computer with the CD in it, I had the BT3, and could experiment with airmon-ng ect.ect. for web cracking.

Because I have a bcm4311, i could not inject IV's, so was thinking maby BT4 works better. Read something about a new driver somewere.

Now I downloaded BT4 and also burned it with Nero, and the 2nd time burned it with 100% alcohol.
Put the cd in, BT4 installation mode will turn up, but then at one point a get a prompt:

Above that i get:
xserver-xorg postinst warning:
starting hardware abstraction layer: Hald
Backtrack 4 (pwnsaue) renetration testing
and auditing distribution

I tried different resolution and also the Live-cd option

Does anybody have any tips for me.

Thx alot.