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Thread: BT3 on USB for Lenovo S10E doesn't load

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    I am trying to boot from a USB flash the BT3 on my new Lenovo s10e but it doesn't work. I have heard that the problem is that my video card is 1024X576 and that is the reason why.
    Can someone tell me what to do? where to download a video driver and what to change in files so it will work?
    I tried the same USB on my desktop and it works fine so it's not the (easy) installatin on the USB that is the problem.
    Thank you in advance,
    P.S: It starts the linux and then stops with errors.

    So no idea? anyone?....

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    Do not bump your posts use the edit button instead.
    If someone know the answer they will help you, in the meantime you might try a bit of searching both here and at google.
    In addition you might want to upgrade to BT4 since BT3 is old, outdated, etc.
    If this is not an option then at least post the error messages that you received.
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    Failure to do so will probably get your threads deleted or worse.

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