Before I go any further I think it's important to say that I've searched the internet and the remote-exploit forums high and low for an answer to my problem. If this has been covered somewhere, I'm sorry, but I can't find it after 2 days straight of searching and trying various solutions. That said, here it goes.
I have a AWUS036H 500mW adapter, and a Netgear WG111v2 adapter. I'm using them in Backtrack 4 pre-final on my eee 1000. Each are based on the same realtek chipset and use the same driver (rtl8187).
There seems to be a bitrate cap when using this driver, of about 1mb/s.
Under "iwlist wlan0 rate" it shows up as having unknown rates, but with a current rate of 1mb/s. Now normally I would think that it may just be a faulty reading, so long as the card was actually getting a better throughput, but it's not. When doing a test with scp/local transfers over the lan, or something like speedtest, it comes up pretty consistently as 1mbps, never going above that. So, I have tried things like setting the rate manually, (iwconfig wlan0 rate 54M) and (iwconfig wlan0 rate 54M fixed). These only seem to make it say that it is getting 54mbps even though it is still capped at 1mbps. Now, as far as doing things like cracking a wep key around the house, these cards both perform just fine with the rtl8187 driver (and with the older r8187 driver I've tried as well), this isn't the issue. The problem is that when connected to an AP I consistently get 1mbps. And this isn't a bandwidth issue, this is with any local transfers as well. Also, the reason I know it's this driver/card is because this problem does not occur with my internal ralink chipset. It gets rates that are acceptable when connected to the same access point. To further troubleshoot this problem, I've changed security modes (opn, wep, etc.) to see if it was just having a problem with a type of security, but the cap remained regardless. If anyone has any experience with this, I kindly ask of you to enlighten me. It's very difficult to test ettercap on my network with my alfa card when it can't get bandwidth to route traffic in the first place. As another troubleshooting step I also changed power levels and rates to different values to see if it would help, but nothing has done a thing for it.
I can only imagine how busy everyone is, and I would be more than a little appreciative if anyone can show me the way on this. Thank You.