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Thread: Installing BT4 On VMware WS 7 RC

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    Unhappy Installing BT4 On VMware WS 7 RC

    What a hastle so far...

    My configuration: Toshiba Satellite 64 bit/Windows 7 host.
    Installed VMware WS 7 RC.

    I am able to bring up BT 4 within VMware, but how do you actually install it onto the VMware disk space?

    Couple of problems: I cannot use the iso file from my host desktop nor from a USB drive. I had to burn a DVD (from the same iso) and then VMware brings up BT 4 (Maybe a hint?), hHowever, it is not installed as a VM!!!

    One post I read on another site mentioned that after doing the startx, to execute the file on the BT desktop, but I don't see that file there?

    Appreciate all the help I can get right now... Pulling my hair out!!



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    Re-read the forum rules you agreed to when you signed up. It is your responsibility to post in the correct section of the forums. This is your warning.
    The How To and Tutorial section is not for asking questions.
    To be successful here you should read all of the following.
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    Why not just download the prebuilt vmware image?

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