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Thread: BeEF Zombies

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    I am having an issue using the latest version of BeEF. I have set the alert dialogue to autorun and the logs are showing the different IPs as connected. Also, the alert dialogue box is being displayed on the victims. However, they never show up as a Zombie. I know it takes some time to be displayed, but waiting up to five minutes and still no zombies. I am testing using mutillidae on a windows XP SP2 VM and backtrack 4 pre-final running the latest version of BeEF. I have tried IE 6 as well as various versions of FireFox. I do not have any add-ons like no script installed and javascript is enabled on both browsers. Any idea why the Zombies section is not being populated?

    Nevermind, I was too quick to post. Turned off autorun and now the zombies are showing up.

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