Just right off the bat I'll tell you that I am a n00b... I'm only 16 and looking into learning how to use networking to help me in the future. (So please don't bash on me for my n00b methods) I've been using the tutorial located here to help me: ryanunderdown. com/linux/cracking-wep-using-backtrack.php take out spaces please tell me if this isn't allowed I will remove it promptly

Please note I'm attempting to crack my friends Wifi (he lives next door) and I do have permission from him to test on.


I'm using backtrack 3 with my Wifi card (Intel Wifi Link 5100 AGN) and noticed that it isn't being picked up when I use the methods found in the tutorial.

Kismet will not run because my wireless adapter is not being picked up. I searched the forums and some of the info I found is way updates but so is the version of backtrack that I'm using (BackTrack 3)

So can someone please help me? I'm thinking that I might need to patch my adapter to make it work but I want to hear it from someone who may have experience before doing it.

If I need to upgrade to backtrack 4 please tell me but I want to be asured that my card works with that version before downloading it.

Please make your instructions simple so I can understand it

Any help will be appreciated remember we all need help learning at some point!

I really need this problem fixed, so please help!

Please help soon i really am looking forward to getting this fixed!