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Thread: Dell Vostro 1720 boot issues

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    Default Dell Vostro 1720 boot issues

    After using BT3 successfully on my NC10 for quite a while I decided to dual boot my new work Vostro 1720 laptop to BT4/XP specifically to use the VoIP tools.

    Everything set up well and all devices were working properly for about a week
    I sorted the lack of keyboard with the 18042.reset and i8042.nomux commands and all was well.

    After a while I updated BT4 and upgraded to the Nvidia drivers and I thought had a stable system. Then out of the blue every time I use windows the grub menu is lost on the next boot! It shows a flash of "Grub loading stage 1.5" and then reboots.

    I have taken to leaving a grub boot cd in the drive and this will boot me to a basic grub front end, At this point the I then edit the boot menu to give me a keyboard once it boots.

    Having booted to backtrack I then Sudo grub, go to Root (HD0,4) and finally setup (hd0) and reboot. From this point it is fine until I next boot windows where after the windows session the grub menu is missing again

    If anyone has any ideas I would be really grateful to hear them !

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    Check your config on Windows (Boot Loader)
    This is somewhat strange, also check for the boot options on Grub, maybe a malformed configuration ?
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