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Thread: Looking for powerful USB wifi adapter.

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    Default Looking for powerful USB wifi adapter.


    I burned BT and spent a lot of time learning the basics of using aircrack and associated programs to get past WEP. It was very fun, but my netbook has a TERRIBLE wireless card that, while compatible, is very very weak so much that I can barely get a signal from my own wifi a room away.

    Does anyone have suggestions for a compatible USB adapter that is powerful enough I that I wont' need to upgrade it anytime soon? I looked at the aircrack-ng compatability list at their wiki and found the USB section...but most of those either are out of stock or I can't find any info on them. It's also listing devices from 2005 that are really out of date, so...

    Thought I'd ask here! Hope this is the right section, thanks.


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