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Thread: strange Problem with Cowpatty

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    Default strange Problem with Cowpatty

    I have a odd problem with cowpatty. I've compiled a hash file with 1 essid and about 400000000 passwords built with pyrit.

    however when i do a cowpatty export, cowpatty always says; "Could not stat hashfile. Check file path." when i come to do the hash attack.

    But if i do the attack wile the export process is still running, all goes well and it launches the attack . i don't mind doing it this way around however its very annoying.

    i've tryed to fix this by;

    complected all updates (fast-track/apt-get)

    reinstalled cowpatty

    reinstalled pyrit

    and its still the same. ......

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    How big is the hash file? 32 bit systems are limited to around 2 gig files.

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    i have been trying airolib on my acer aspire one with my own ssid list (1 ssid) it works but how i can build a hash file to use with cowpatty or aircrack?

    thanks for the replay!!!

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