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    Default Strange Error Need Help

    So, I can't copy the exact output of the error because it happens while booting the live cd. I get errors with my hard drive. (i have a gateway nv52 it should work) Both the drives soft reset failed. Then I get emask exception errors from my hard drive forever, it never boots. So, if I remove my hdd it boots fine, but I don't wanna have to do that to use backtrack, so what boot parameters can I use to disable the hard drive so linux doesn't even see it (nohd doesn't work). I've also tried many boot parameters like acpi=off which did nothing.
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    You could try disabling them in the BIOS before you boot live, maybe?
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    Unfortunaly there is no bios option for that and its a laptop, continuously removing the hd is an option either idk what to do.

    There is no option in the bios for that, if there had been I wouldn't be here

    For those interested I solved the issue without removing the hd. If you are getting block errors and {DRDY ERR} it is because your hard drive may be damaged, but fret not! There is a soultion. It just has bad blocks fix them with this here depending on your drive manufacture: Recovering Hard Disks with Bad Blocks | Hardware Secrets . See this for source of information: [ubuntu] hdd error {DRDY err} - Ubuntu Forums

    Bad blocks can cause issues, nothing will fix them except a diagnostic or drive replacement. After the diagnostic no errors except, softreset failed, which is because I have an amd chipset.
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