I had a look a the video recently post by pureh@te that showed how to use "chntpw" to reset the passwords on MSWindows profiles. It's great!

What I'm wondering though is whether the following would be possible:
1) Boot up BT4 on the victim PC
2) Use "chntpw" to reset all passwords, then simply boot up the PC normally and boot into MSWindows. Use the PC for whatever, type a document, copy a DVD.
3) When you're finished using the PC, reboot it and boot up BT4 again. Copy the old SAM file back.
4) Now reboot the PC normally into MSWindows, the old passwords should be back in place (I think!)

Will this work fine on all versions of XP, Vista and 7?

I'm looking for a way to use a Windows machine without leaving any evidence behind (I know things like file stamps will be changed but that's not a big deal, so long as there's no gaping evidence such as the fact that their normal password isn't accepted anymore!).

Or if anybody has any other idea on how to use an MSWindows PC without leaving evidence, I'd be happy to hear.