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    im new in backtrack 4 i dont know how to scan wireless network to connect to my router, i think that backtrack doesnt see the my wifi card, how can i make sure the driver is installed and how to scan for wireless network

    thanks every body for not replying
    any way i found the solution and here it is
    go to terminal and type the following comands
    1- "sudo wicd"
    2- type your root password
    3- "sudo wicd-client --no-tray"
    and a windows pops up showing the available wired and wireless connections, just connect with the one you want and if any key needed type in the advanced settings.
    thats it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vin_akleh View Post
    any way i found the solution and here it is
    Holycrap fancy that, when you actually search for the BASIC LINUX COMMANDS THAT PROVIDE THE FUNCTIONALITY AVAILABLE TO A PROFESSIONAL PENETRATION TOOLKIT, you find ways to do things.

    Whilst my sarcasm is justified (and probably misplaced), yours is nothing more than pretentious at best - this site is not for a new user, this site is not for someone who does not understand the very very basics of how to do these things, and, technically, your post belongs in the newbie area rather than the general support forum.

    I strongly... request... that you go and head over to the ubuntu forums, stop trying to hack your neighbour (anything you tell me from this point on won't sway that belief by the way - if you were doing this for a legitimate reason you wouldn't have asked such an obvious question) - go take some basic courses in helldesking or otherwise.

    And most importantly, stop cluttering the forums up with questions that can only be rated as silly at best.

    (One more snobby, annoyed and highly agitated senior member, being an "asshole" to a newbie)
    Still not underestimating the power...

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    Quote Originally Posted by vin_akleh View Post
    im new in backtrack 4 i dont know how to scan wireless network to connect to my router
    thanks every body for not replying
    Your first statement tells us that you have no idea what you are doing.
    As such it is your job to learn, we do very little (if any) spoonfeeding here.
    If you don't like that feel free to go elsewhere, we don't care.
    Third do not double post again. Edit your posts using the edit button on the lower right hand corner of every post you make.
    This is your warning.
    To be successful here you should read all of the following.
    If you are new to Back|Track
    Back|Track Wiki
    Failure to do so will probably get your threads deleted or worse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vin_akleh View Post
    thanks every body for not replying
    You'll find that saying stuff like that here will just annoy people, and will get you a healthy serving of sarcasm and insult in response, even from members who otherwise would have been quite civil to you.

    This isn't a customer support forum, you are not paying us, so you are not entitled to an answer. Complaining, even in jest, when you don't get one isn't behavior that will endear us to you. Its selfish, we don't exist just to serve you.

    This is a forum for advanced users, we expect people to sort out most of the easy stuff themselves. Unless someone is feeling particularly charitable, we generally wont respond to simple questions that could be easily fixed by Googling or searching the forum other than to tell you to do exactly that.

    Come up with a question thats unique and interesting, and show that you have tried to answer it yourself and then you're more likely to get a response, although even then you shouldn't act like you're entitled to it.
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