Not sure if this goes in hardware, bugs, or here. So if a mod feels the need to move it, please do.

Hi all, I recently acquired a Itronix X-C6250 pro laptop, and thought I would try running backtrack (starting with 4prefinal, and if that's too slow, ill work back to 3, 2 etc.) As the device does not allow USB booting and has no CD/DVD/Floppy drive, it too awhile to get everything set up, but currently the machine boots to grub and from there into BT.

My problem lies with the sound card. As the boot putters along, it finally gets to this point:

firmware: requesting /ess/maestro3_assp_kernel.fw
firmware: requesting  /ess/maestro3_assp_minisrc.fw
And stays there.

so i pop the drive into another machine and check inside the /lib/firmware/ess and sure enough the files are there...

A bit more googling later revealed that I should load the module by editing /etc/modules and adding snd-maestro3. Still no dice it just sits at that line forever (at least for the 5-10 mins I left it there without turning it off).

A few other things of note:

I don't need sound, I want it to boot, but the card appears to be attached or hidden away enough that removal is an option I don't want to deal with.
So if anyone can tell me how to just make it stop trying to interact with the sound card, that would help me out too.

Thanks for your time.