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    Need some security based ideas that will fulfill this assignment, don't need you guys to do it, just through some ideas out there. Thanks

    Final Linux script assignment – Create an administrative script application that automates something (potentially) useful for a system administrator using the Bash language. It should have the following features:

    · Be able to run the program with ./, sh, or by modifying the Path variable (and use sh to do a syntax check)

    · Edit check all input

    · Runs until the user decides to quit

    · Includes appropriate comments (how to run, what it does, etc..) and readable formatting

    · Gives the user a list of administrative functions that can be selected from a menu without knowing the command

    · Has at least 1 pipe and one redirection operator

    · Includes a java app and a c or perl sample program (this program does not have to be meaningful).

    · Includes at least one call to another script

    · Read and writes a “log” and/or configuration file of something

    · Modifies command output to make the presentation more friendly (better labels, spacing, less information, for example using sed, tr, cut, paste, join, and sort commands)

    Really no one has an idea? Huh...

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    Quote Originally Posted by loc_staa05 View Post
    Really no one has an idea? Huh...
    Welcome to the forums.
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    Also don't be afraid to search for yourself both here on the forums and google.
    These things will make your stay more pleasant.
    In addition there is no need to "bump" your post after one day.
    If anyone knows the answer they will give it to you.
    In the meantime do some research on your own, after all it is your project.
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    Well just a idea but something I do is script the collection of all my server log files to one place. Then i use a bit of perl + regex to parse them for the relevant data and output all of that to a nice tidy easily readable file which is then emailed to me. Pretty sure something of that nature would cover all the base's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loc_staa05 View Post
    Includes a java app and a c or perl sample program (this program does not have to be meaningful).)
    That might be a tall order to fill, a good percentage of servers do not even use java for anything nor have it installed.
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