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Thread: Dell Wireless Half Mini Card question.

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    Default Dell Wireless Half Mini Card question.

    Hey I was wondering if the dell mini 10 works with backtrack? It says it has Dell Wireless 1510 802.11n Half Mini Card in it and I was wondering if anybody knows anything about it. Such as...will it do everything I need such as packet injection and work in monitor mode? I have another laptop that works perfect for backtrack that has a atheros card in it. Was just wondering how this one works. Thanks!

    p.s. This is for my home network penetration testing. Want to test it with a card that supports wifi N instead of G. And no I didn't order the netbook for just that. thanks.

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    Moved to appropriate forum, and the duplicate post has been removed. Dont double post again please (its mentioned in the forum rules you agreed to when joining.)

    Scratch that, it was a triple post. Posting once is enough, don't do this again OP.
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    Isn't that card a broadcom chipset? In which case it works just fine with monitoring, but not with injection.
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