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Thread: some QUESTIONs for bt4

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    Unhappy some QUESTIONs for bt4

    boot4 == boot[folder]
    BT4 == bt4[folder]

    one. a [fail]
    when the living end...
    mounting local filesystem [fail]

    it just happened when i boot from hd(0,1) , grub4dos
    title BackTrack4
    root (hd0,0)
    kernel /boot4/vmlinuz max_loop=255 initrd=/boot4/initrd.gz init=linuxrc load_ramdisk=1 prompt_ramdisk=0 ramdisk_size=6666 changs=/dev/sda1 root=/dev/ram0 rw

    if i boot from VMware use first part. on first phy.disk,
    nerver found this [fail]

    to. i wanna install a new language
    but it says "qt-language-selctor --mode install" lost
    OMG what happened?

    three. save changes
    i see /mnt/ hda sda1 sda5 sda6
    sda1 is hd(0,0)
    cause i saw the files are the same as C: in winxp
    but i saw /mnt/ only hda1 and live when in wmware after BT4 boot.
    if i want to save changes
    what should i do if i wanna boot from phy.disk by grub
    /dev/sda1 or /dev/hda1

    i not an English often using person, you see.
    and BT4 start my LINUX trip.

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    Moved to appropriate area. Careful about this in future OP (The How To forum is not for asking questions, its for posting guides/tutorials).
    Capitalisation is important. It's the difference between "Helping your brother Jack off a horse" and "Helping your brother jack off a horse".

    The Forum Rules, Forum FAQ and the BackTrack Wiki... learn them, love them, live them.

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    no matter
    i will be wait for answer
    i want to know more about BT4

    but first ,i must save my steps.

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