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Thread: [SOLVED]Chronic freezing problem with TSSTCorp drives

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    Default [SOLVED]Chronic freezing problem with TSSTCorp drives

    You might remember back when Backtrack 3 Final was the latest greatest thing, I started a thread about a problem I was having with regard to the process "hald-addon-stor". Everytime I booted up my laptop, the thing would run fine for about 20 or 30 minutes, but then it would become extrememly sluggish and eventually just freeze. This freezing was caused by hald-addon-stor hogging my CPU.

    As a "bandaid solution", I ran the following command every time I booted up Backtrack:

    sudo killall hald-addon-stor
    And I also did this in Backtrack 4 PreFinal because I was having the same problem.

    Anyway, the day before yesterday I decided I'd sort it out properly once and for all. I did web searches for stuff like "hald-addon-stor freeze". I found a few different pages about it, and I noticed something on one of the pages: More than one of the contributors had mentioned that their DVD drive was made by TSSTCorp. Since my own DVD drive is also TSSTCorp, I decided to look into it. Then I came across this page:

    Dell firmware problems with TSSTCorp TS-L632D DVD drive - K's cluttered loft

    Basically there was a bug in my drive's firmware, and so I had to upload new firmware to the drive.

    Finally it's working perfectly now
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    While indeed a bug that affects BT4 it is not a bug with BT4 itself but rather the drive and bad firmware.
    Thanks Virchanza
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