Hi all,

I'm looking to configure 2 shared partitions on my laptop so I can:

#1 - have Ubuntu and BT4 share the same swap partition


#2 - set the other another partition up so I can to transfer files between the two different OS installs.

My current partitions are as follows and I have only 512k ram on this system.

/dev/sda1 -ext3 (for Ubuntu) 25.18 Gib

/dev/sda2 - extended 12.08 Gib
/dev/sda6 - ext3 (for BT4) 10.33 Gib
/dev/sda7 - linux-swap (for BT4) 517.69 Mib
/dev/sda5 - linux-swap (for Ubuntu) 1.24 Gib

I'm handy with partitioning software but need to know how to make the necessary partition assignments for each OS.