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Thread: Advanced WEP cracking

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    Default Advanced WEP cracking

    Hi, I'd appreciate some concept clarification.

    When it comes to cracking WEP, as regards the later versions of WEP before WPA was introduced which introduced more security, are they crackable in the same manner as conventional WEP, i.e. run airodump-ng, and use aircrack-ng with a password list to crack the key?

    I had a strange experience recently, I managed to crack the key for a n/w (its a demo n/w setup at uni to practice wireless security), I found the passphrase for the key yet when I tried to connect, it would not connect or it would connect but not associate with the AP. I was able to associate with another n/w fine so I know my ifconfig cmd format was correct.

    I was under the impression that with WEP once you crack the passphrase for the key, then ALL stations wishing to connect to the AP can do so providing (usually) the station/laptop's MAC address verifies with their ACL. Could it be that you also need some other UID/pw ? Or any pointers as to why I cannot associate despite know the key ID?


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    This website will provide tons of information on wireless assessments.
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