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Thread: Hawking Hwug1 help please

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    Default Hawking Hwug1 help please

    Hi there everybody. Ok this is the deal.
    Acer aspire one netbook, Windows vista home basic, running VMware workstation, and backtrack3, using Hawking hwug1 usb network card.

    Basically the problem is i run airmon-ng and it detects the card etc.
    then i do airodump-ng -w (docname) --bssid (bssid) -c (channel) rausb0
    after that it will start picking up beacons etc but the data will not go up or go up incredibly slowly. I did some research and found this card to "work with BT3 out of the box" on the help thing here, But i cant seem to figure this out. Please understand i am very new at this so any help would (preferably) be nooblet friendly lol. Just let me know if you need any other info and ill be happy to provide it.

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    1. Please post the commands you are using
    2. What type of AP (make, manufacturer)
    3. Are there other wireless clients associated to the AP?

    edit: Just watched the tutorial on YouYube. The tutorial you mentioned doesn't use injection. Through out the video it appears that the AP doesn't belong to the author of the video. It mentions at the end of the second series, "If you ever need free wireless, this is one method to choose." I am not going to help you break into your neighbors AP.

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