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Quite simply put the extradition treaties are an absolutely one sided affair, without bleating on about them, check them out for yourselves.In short the onus on presenting evidence to extradite someone from the UK to the USA amounts to him having to prove he didn't do it, and not the US having to present any real evidence he did,conversly if the UK wishes to extradite an american, what they have to present is just about overwhelming proof of guilt.
Actually an Extradition Treaty does not have nor need to prove guilt that is what the actual trial is for. Therefore the treaty merely serves as a guide. Did a particular person have cause to commit a particular crime. If so where should the person stand trial to determine innocence or guilt for said crime.
Also did the supposed crime take place or effect a county or countries where such a treaty is in effect. The guy supposedly committed (a) crime/s against another country where such a treaty exists, since this is the case (guilt at this point is irrelevant) then that person should stand trial in said country.

As for the Mod's stepping in and banning you with the attitude that you are displaying here:
One more word from me and it looks like Ill be getting banned, oh dear here it comes.............why wont the US extradite Colon Powell to the Hague as requested....? and Donald Rumsfeld...? They comitted crimes in too numerous to mention Nation states, or shouldn't they pay for it there..?
This discussion is now going nowhere co's the mods obviously don't want it too, more likely they would just love to wield a bit power to satisfy their egos.
Im off to work, whatever you say guys .....after all your in charge..
Will most likely get you banned. There is really no room or need for it here on this forum. It will inevitably piss someone off! So leave it out and you will probably be OK.
flags are for ignorant fools(patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels, some president said that)
As for flags and patriotism there really is no place for that here either. While there may be a huge American Membership here and they may all feel different about their and other countries, there are several of us that have been or are in other countries and are proud of what we have, if that is a bad thing then so be it. But again don't let your own personal politics take first place in the conversation, stick to facts not opinions. Generally the best way to do so it to also leave references for said facts.