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While I am gonna try remain impartial, I find it very difficult being from England.
Quite simply put the extradition treaties are an absolutely one sided affair, without bleating on about them, check them out for yourselves.In short the onus on presenting evidence to extradite someone from the UK to the USA amounts to him having to prove he didn't do it, and not the US having to present any real evidence he did,conversly if the UK wishes to extradite an american, what they have to present is just about overwhelming proof of guilt.
You'd have to take that up with the leaders of YOUR country since they're the ones that agreed to such a one sided treaty. They didn't have to agree to it.

Like I said check it out....
Its more about shielding their embarrasement (he scanned for empty user/pass combos)than any real "crime", getting to which is the crux of the matter....
Legal is NOT Lawfull as we are lead to beleive.
The fundamental LAW of the universe is cause and effect, action reaction, and eventual ballance, as Imperial empires go this one is surely out of hand and is in the process of destroying itself, lets just hope they aren't childish enough to take the rest of our world with them when they go.
Common sense would dictate............give him 5-10 years in jail here and be done with it.
Please define 'real crime'. Did he intrude upon a system he was not authorized to be in? If he did, he committed a real crime, regardless if their security was lax. He still committed the crime.

If you leave your front door open and someone comes in and steals everything you have, was a 'real crime' committed?

Just because he faces the POSSIBILITY of 60 years doesn't mean he gets it. Judges very rarely sentence the maximum for such things.