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Thread: boot off iso, plant backdoor, BOOM

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    Default boot off iso, plant backdoor, BOOM

    i have this idea, im no good withing creating and iso but i thought is it possable to create an iso that boots up the computer, mounts the harddrive, copys over a backdoor, edits the reg to comply, powers off and ejects cd?
    im shaw someone has already done this, but im not shaw where to look. Thanks
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    well u can start by installing grub2 which can boot iso files. im currently working on a bt4pf image that is bootable in that method. anyways so from there you can customize the iso to do the required tasks on boot up. its more complicated than i made it out to be, but im sure its possible. if you are going to do it, i suggest starting with an ubuntu base as so far thts the only iso i have been able to boot with grub2. it has something to do with lupin-casper being built into ubuntu as far as i know.
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    The tools are already available to you in BT3 and, though it hasn't occured to me to do it yet in BT4, they are probably there already. All you need to do is identify the tools, write a quick script, then follow the official guides for customising your BT4 ISO. Saves overthinking the problem
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