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Thread: .avi .mpg or .wmv injection

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    Default .avi .mpg or .wmv injection

    Good Evening, Community

    I'm now taking a degree of electronics engineering and I'm starting to learn programming in C. I don't have enough knowledge on that matter to call myself a programmer, but I have some basic concepts and experience in programming. Security issues are something that concerns me.

    So, I'm looking for the possibility of inject malicious code under a movie/video file. Every now and then I watch some video clips and small movies and I'm looking for the possibility to get my machine infected doing this. Is this possible? If so, a regular anti-virus would detect it?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Having a look at some graphics functions
    void plot_pixel_slow(int x,int y,int color)
    union REGS regs;

    regs.h.ah = WRITE_DOT; = color; = x;
    regs.x.dx = y;
    int86(VIDEO_INT, &regs, &regs);
    olydbg of a mpg shows al and dx being used, i guess just look into that.

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    Use Limewire and download some AV files.

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