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Thread: need good resources to learn about group policy domain, admin

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    Default need good resources to learn about group policy domain, admin

    A few years ago i did the A+ and recently i took the MCDST as i managed to get it free as we setup a micorsoft testing centre. i am now working as a desktop support technician in a hospital and am learning alot. i am however becoming frustrated as i really want to learn more about group policy and the server/administration side of things which comes into play alot.

    A few years ago i got a complete set of books which is windows 2000 MCSE i was just going to dig them out however is it woth my while reading them or have things changed too much now since server 2003.

    I have no more training resource available so i guess im looking for pointers from someone with systems experience to learn about domains, workgroup enviroments and admin/group policy.
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    The change from a windows 2000 active directory domain to a windows 2003 active directory domain is large enough that I would recommend new material. A lot of the Microsoft study material for 2003 will actually point out how things were done on older systems compared to how they are done now. This helps you learn both systems.

    More importantly I would say the move to server 2008 from 2003 is an even bigger change. Although most networks still run primarily on 2003 software eventually everyone will have to migrate. My recommendation would be to go get study material for 2008 and get hands on experience will all of the above using virtual machines.

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