Hello, I'm using a RT2870 and BT4.. i'm trying to get it to connect to my wifi AP.

I have a few problems..

When i try and ifconfig ra0 up. The terminal will hang and i cant CRTL C out of it.. i have to exit the terminal and wait about 1-2minutes before i can use any other network commands (ifconfig, iwconfig) otherwise it will still just hang until i exit out of it and wait.. It also will hang firefox etc.. After i wait a couple mins everything will function somewhat normal. My card is found and i can change it into monitor mode ETC.

So i try "iwlist ra0 scan" and i get no scan results or i'll open WICD and no networks detected.. however.. rarely it will bring networks up. When it does bring networks up i'll try and connect in WICD and it will hang at "Resetting ip".. I'm thinking it is hanging because WICD brings my interface down then back up i think. After 30 seconds the hang will stop and it will stay at "Connecting..." and that's it.

I'm running it in vmware workstation 7. I'm thinking something is interfering with my card. I've been trying to get this to work for over a week and it just isn't going anywhere.

I could realy use help please.