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    Hi Guys..
    I've been reading a lot. I've been trying to crack my WPA. I got to the stage where I can get a handshake. I've been trying to use a rainbow table that I found.
    This is the command I use

    ./cowpatty -r snif-01.cap -f wireless.wpa �s wireless

    Sniff-01.cap has a handshake
    Wireless.wpa it's the table i downloaded
    Wireless it's my network id

    My Laptop has been looking for the password for the past 4 hours. and the password that I'm using it's not that hard. it's a name plus two numbers. It should be faster.

    I'm thinking that it could be the handshake or maybe the rainbow table it's not good

    I've been reading aboutn wireshake, and how you can check whether a handshake it's good or not.

    I've been also reading about the Genpmk tools that comes with BT. Should I create a new rainbow table? what dictionary should I use to generate a rainbow table?

    thanks in advance..

    Hi guys..

    I've created a new rainbow table using the dictionary "". But it didn't work. the password that i set on the router it's marlene10.

    here i attach the handshake file.

    can anyone please have a look. and let me know what i'm doing wrong..

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