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    I have installed BackTrack 4 Pre Final on HDD with enough space blah blah blah.

    The thing is, I dont want to go on Windows, but my Partner needs it, since he doesnt work well with Linux.

    Can I install Windows (it will overwrite GRUB), then run a live CD and fix GRUB ?

    I have already 20gb/40gb taken cause I installed most tools I use on BT4PF.

    Searched for the GRUB Installer for Windows, but editing ini files aint my thing.
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    All the Windows installer will do is overwrite grub in the MBR. You can reinstall it with just about any linux live cd. If you check out google this is a hot topic in the Ubuntu community.

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    Yes go ahead and install MSWindows normally using your MSWindows CD.

    After you install MSWindows, your computer will boot straight into MSWindows, it won't give you a choice of booting into Linux.

    Then you take a Linux boot CD and use it to install Grub. After Grub is installed properly, you'll get a list of choices when you boot up.
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