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Thread: need assistance

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    Red face need assistance

    iam a beginer in back track 4 and i need assistance in WPA key cracking hw to create a pppoe connection in back track 4 and i need the drivers for wireless adapter and hw to load driver that iam using wm ware and hw to load the drivers in it

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    Default Re: need assistance

    Start here, and try and concentrate on one problem at a time.

    Here are some searches you can try on Google and the forums to find out more information related to your questions:
    • "crack WPA" or "crack WPA backtrack"
    • "ppoe linux" or "ppoe backtrack"
    • "<wireless_card_type> backtrack" or "<wireless_card_type> linux"
    • "vmware backtrack wireless" or "virtual machine backtrack wireless"

    Proper sentence structure and grammar also helps no end if you want people to be able to understand you.
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