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Thread: Parition / Data Recovery (help needed).

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    Default Parition / Data Recovery (help needed).

    Hi guys, first i'll explain what happened.

    I bought a new laptop hard drive and wanted to use it as a replacement for my working hd.

    Old hd = 80gb
    New hd = 250gb

    I tried to use the Vista recovery prompt to install a new copy onto the new hd (connected via a USB enclosure). Then without warning I click next and it starts to format my OLD hd!!!!! Terrible coding, a format should always come with a warning prompt.

    I cut the power whilst the format was still on 0%. I then used dd to clone the old hd onto the new hd. I have since used a friends recovery disk to then install vista onto the old hd (he is hungarian, my vista is now hungarn and I only speak English :S ).

    So my new HD now has the corrupt file system.

    Do any of you have any thoughts / tools that I could use to actually repair the file system? Or recommend me any sites to read.

    I'm capable of getting some of my old files that i want, using data recovery tools. However I want to actually fix the problem.

    Thank You

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    turns out, BT4pre-final may very well have the tools you want... I ran into a similar situation - documented here ( well my problem was with the new win7, but still similar )...

    one tool, as is mentioned from that link/post that came suggested from the remote-exploit IRC channel was autopsy, which is included with the bt4-pre-final iso, but the one app that I ended up using that was helped me out, and may very well help you out is testdisk and/or photorec, to get those 2 tools you will probably need to run "apt-get upgrade" to get it though. pureh@te was kind enough to include it in backtrack4!

    best of luck ... check out the those links above for help with each app, I am pretty damn sure that one of the tools should help, my favorite was testdisk.
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