Hello, I need a hand here,

as usual,I´m complete dummie in Linux, I´ve started reading some manuals from "recommended for noobs" section, but It doesn´t solve my current problem:

My laptop is ASUS X55SV with Win XP SP3,
I followed the instructions from the video of Infinity Exists "Install Backtrack 3 on USB", can't post a link here, sorry, and made partitions on my 8Gb USB using Acronis DDS, but, while doing it, I experienced some errors: Acronis kept saying: "error reading section XXXXX on disk 2", then I finally did it through many manipulations, then copy-paste of the folders as shown, etc.

But when I start the laptop and hit ESC and get an option to load from the USB, I only see black screen, can't type anything and I'm forced to reboot.

It seems that my USB is the problem, since Acronis produced these errors,

could please anyone confirm that? i don't have another 8Gb, so I would have to buy it, that's why I don't wan't to waste money, if my current one could be fixed.

As you see I couldn't possible use BT3 to violate smth, since I can't even istall it